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Why India? Yes, a relative few people surf here, a lot of the coast has been explored, and it isn't totally new as a surf destination. However, few if any other places in the warm and safe category that also get surf are untapped like India. You can still surf where no one has before...or at least feel like you're the first. Vast stretches of the coast haven't been looked at by a surfer's eye. Even more have been explored by a few but not given the time it takes to get a place figured out. Good waves happen here, and getting alone for a surf is easy.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A "Clean" Kovalam Morning

This time of year is your best chance for getting Kovalam more peaky and not closed out.  It's also the time of year where the right off the north rocks is most likely to work.  Here's a sampling on this and the next post of a couple random days. 


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  1. Thanks a lot for taking me around to the secret surf spots! I had a lot of fun! -Finneus Egan